English Customer Support – Tourism (M/F) Lisbon

  • Tempo Inteiro
  • Lisbon

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Descrição da Função Vacations!!!We’ve been waiting for this all year: backpack ready, sunglasses and you’re ready to go! Your family is waiting for you downstairs to go to that fantastic place and have some fun days.. But! Oh no! Your cousin appears without notice and now she’s sad because she thought she was making you a surprise when she decided to come to spend a few days with you… This situation could result in two things: either your cousin has to go back home or you can call your hotel and book space for plus one! That’s a customer support agent mission now, so your vacation doesn’t lose its “relaxed character”. Our client is looking for people who want to be that agent! The main tasks of this job would be to ensure a competent and friendly customer service experience over telephone, chats, and email, to assist clients with issues related to their existing bookings (such as date changes, adding a traveler, extra service…) or with their future bookings, advising, guiding and helping them to identify their needs. Are you interested?For this, you must have fluent English (C1/C2) and be willing to work 40 hours per week on rotational shifts from Monday to Sunday, in Entrecampos. Book your stay with us and send us your CV! Call CenterEnglishTourism